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tv   Arirang News  PBS  January 17, 2014 10:00am-10:31am PST

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recent broadcasts all one's actions and not words from pyongyang as the unification ministry projects north korea's proposal to stop mudslinging in exchange for the cancellation of chewing korea u s military trail the president admitted the us congress passes legislation signed two weeks spending bill that urges japan with threats and apologize for what time sexual slavery. a toboggan and her indian counterpart manmohan singh agreed to fast track of all the trade pact while korea's delegation makes inroads to merge the two countries like
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the sector's fried onions begin to. while the primetime years it's friday to an eerie seventeenth year in korea a flight from seoul and seek a common thing so much for joining us. we begin overseas where president aka nana on the last full day of her state visit to india pushed ahead with their sales diplomacy on friday meeting with korean and indian businessmen see at this size the importance of converging curry as hardware in india's software. the presidential office correspondence art into sends us this report from new delhi the trick volume between korea and indiana search more than fourteen hundred times since the two nations established diplomatic ties in nineteen
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seventy three. the president excess and this is only the beginning. during recovery a good business forum on friday chris and i pointed to the freeways you for your prayers. the two nations' economic cooperation cooperate in the sector of the creative economy expanded cooperation to small and midsize firms and upgrading the korean nda comprehensive economic partnership agreement the president had said that he is content and software now now together with korea's commercialize these skills would allow the two countries to create synergy in new sectors. he also stressed that investments which were until now may be made by conglomerates can now be expanded to as the ds. he vetoed a gamble but that don't get me to look at it that the fed didn't happen but don't be a kind of people. you don't equal the sheedy gave it to
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the question that receive the level of treatment for my station and the korea india see pat was and never pointed at the sas. earlier today president back attended and ninety market next though which is too late the past for korean companies to enter the indian market the edmonton has no role in getting those overcome the odds of that she also met with korean and indian experts and this has been engaged to be ninety and software sectors and emphasize the need to convert korea's credit market where in india software. did i see he's one of the lead up to me on with it is understood that and see the mannheim gala within a couple application on one cd a few demos them in a queue that may be a kicker sample from that. that secured a promise from the chairman as india's mahindra korea to further expand its investment in
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korea. and ran them in france more than seven percent of korean automaker cent of motorists years the island on saturday where the use of operation here in anne's revenge is not science technology and the peace treaty and its giver is economic system centered around small and midsize for what was it. evan's new delhi. and say in the eye that tv has signed an mou with him in service broadcaster under the deal the two sides hope to promote mutual exchange of programs and cultural ties between the two nations against one ga has the details of the partnership. i'm tv korea's only global television network has signed an mou with energy and broadcaster to catch on blazing new trails for the exchange contact the ceos from the two stations met in new delhi on friday and agreed to an
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exchange that will foster cultural ties between korea and india too is an exchange of broadcasting. and and broadcasters that we can jumpstart this cultural exchange between two very strong. culturally. which country's various minister of science ict and future plans he also took part in the event to celebrate the mou. under the agreement adding that in two attacks on a semi their global titles available on satellite providers and both nations by two thousand and fourteen i've seen. do we provide the platform footy be induced to give me a bit. at the end of the article fighting for his admission while the mou was signed eight documentary produced by ashanti he was being aired on the child throughout indiana the documentary explains the vision for the so called created the economy which korean president of the net
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has advocated since the very beginning of return last february during our son is one of the largest broadcasting organizations in india with more than ninety percent of the indian population. having access to the station's programming honestly i can't use the ginger cream relation self korea rejected north korea's call to scrap the annual drills with united states the solo added that the reclusive state sets start selling sincerity for its actions in not just the warrants are unification ministry correspondent and some team reports certainly every knot on friday to north korea's proposal to stop them cross border mudslinging state minorities by concrete ways to demonstrate sincerity if it wants to improve inter korean relations. it is north korea that has continued to slander us to sign in an earlier in the korean agreement not to use wind or
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the north must remember that cross between the two koreas will be built in action not words. and like all the important proposal thursday and a large batch of defense commission offered to initiate steps to ease tensions between the two kirby asked this all called off its annual military exercises with washington to take place in early spring seoul the gatorade at the regular exercises will continue as long as the north poses a threat to the south our military drills are handled defensive training exercises carried out by a sovereign state. we officially know it by neighboring countries including north korea every. at cells that can be and must take practical steps to a kenyan clear eyed patient to see turkeys on the korean peninsula and called for a swift resumption of that labor unions for those separated since the korean war which it said would be a first step toward friendlier
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inter korean ties. experts say that with the rejection relations between the teeth for me as ruby on thin ice at least for now. south korea remains wary of any new conciliatory gestures by the door. just last year north korean leader team down then proposed that entered the enticing is new year's day speech. but followed that with the third new theory test a month later. on sunday evenings. looks like a pet is coming under greater international pressure to acknowledge its wartime atrocities over washing cheney us senate approved a spending bill thursday that are just ok to apologize for its actual enslavement of women during world war two and a half. the us senate for the first time in the history of us legislation that has included the issue of the so called comfort women in it spending bill. on thursday local time the senate passed
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a bill that calls on the japanese government to stick to a two thousand seven resolution which urged tokyo to issue an official apology for its wartime sexual inflate men and women the bill also calls on the us secretary of state to encourage japan to address the issues raised in the resolution. the men euphemistically refers to women forced into sexual slavery by the japanese military during the second world war. an estimated two hundred thousand women mostly korean are known to have been abused as slaves by japanese troops in the early twentieth century. the bell will be taken to the white house for president prop obama said the chair on friday. despite such an unprecedented call from the us to apologize some japanese politicians are going in the opposite direction. a group of japanese lawmakers who claimed a comfortable months to achieve effective in
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the us city of glendale should keep in the store and into glendale city hall on thursday to file a complaint city officials held over fifty years to meet them saying there was no reason to do that to you as it was built for humanitarian reasons. the japanese that didn't stop here. the wave japanese flags and take pictures in front of the steps you took a shot of passers by. attention is now focused on how the japanese government will react following washington passing the bill. and then the government is going all out to stimulate investment through boulder de regulation efforts in key service segments at what president pot committed to inspecting carry out deregulation herself by presiding over a new league wants ministerial meeting for the regulation
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all the highs are and whether the move would help facilitate investment to tell us more about the regulatory reform in the country we bring and doctors on one time director of policy research division and korea economic research institute thanks so much for joining us. thank you for having me. on this year the government set to go back to the drawing room and we examined the investment related free regulations to remove all unnecessary ones can you tell us all what you're referring to here with regulations that limit investments he is wounded and two denominations. land use regulations and then especially for the service at the recreation of that regulation made main obstacles to development and growth of the service sector compared to manufacturing the product itself service act it is run into the middle and stagnant style of the reason is that many nations especially the regulations because high entry barriers. i'm a strange expression on the market and
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in your house religious services and education services of tourism services like that. his other major service sectors that can create hideout and it services and create more jobs but in this sense is there and numerous traditions especially. create high entry barriers. our friend difference the only people who has licenses can start to operate businesses and doors of the main obstacles for it to you through creating and increase the investment so the government is focusing on on repealing these kind of recognition. another specific measure announced by the government and falls regulation quotas what exactly is the regulation quota and how would it stimulate investment. this implies that go on to a monotone them but by the total number of revolutions. the senate to one in one house system which is working in the united kingdom recently took another for the government to implement new regulations in
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these two. i would kill one of the right conditions. so up though. right now the plan of the current government is a little bit different from this system. the government has a plan to give a different way to each of the iranian nation. and then you can catch weight and money to the way the total number of residents and that is the mouth of the government's overall the phone. controlling the flow on the regulations in. so with this regulation reform is that enough to stimulate investment or are there other measures that need to happen at same time he worked as a sea of taxation system should do with structure to encourage investment so the government has been outright know the government has been trying to be praised. it's pretty awful covering the increase in web for expenditure on friday raising call for aid and president from texas. but it will discourage investment and employment so. also the sector reform is needed because in a few shows this
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and the sector were on this allocate resources and down and gave it the comic roles and these should be obvious that other reforms for the sector should be complimented on forums. for the successful reform seemed so if all goes well with korea be able to reach president talk and then school every two four percent for a seventy percent of employment rates and per capita income of forty thousand dollars you know on fifties the reforms are successful. i think that it might be possible for the detainees for presenting our grocery and eventually our forty thousand person or thing come from the korean economy but i think that some seventy percent of employment trade is a very hard to retain a fifteen foot. anyway i'll give these reforms that
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are successful. and then the falcon administration of wealth. have a kind of off the economy and alicia on this poor economy growth in the floor exercises on thank you so much for your insight on tonight i think very much before your dna and another began. get the latest line from seoul expert analysis from the cia's heartbeat with the viewpoint all the koreans local network and why on arrival that. he always on standby. south. a local politics to release any
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lawmaker said what's your seats and korea's parliament after the supreme court on thursday found him guilty of illegal electioneering. this means more work for the rival parties as they will need to gear up for it by elections set for july and top with local elections in june the kinsey reports it was a lot of pain korea's major political parties one eight but with every multiple of three lawmakers on thursday by elections will have to be held. lawmakers told to clear their desks were found guilty of illegal electioneering at the twenty twelve general elections. one of the theory was a proportional representative. which means the person next in line to the wing parties for proportional representation take it one automatically assumed her position. but the constituencies pick if we were presented by the two other lawmakers will have to elect a new law maker in july in the six other lawmakers face the possibility of losing their seats and some other unique or inaction during charges are awaiting discovery the court's final
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verdict. political watchers say the shaken me up to fifteen seats could be up for grabs for them to live by election. by elections are usually held twice a year in april and october. but this year the first by election should be helping to my thirtieth. this is because of a special provision that says a violation should be held the first wednesday of false fifty days after local elections. this means theoretically that story that will have to re elections in the span of five months the jailed for two local elections a by election until my thirtieth and another by election. over twenty nine overall the parties agreed that we should reduce the number of elections from the current three to two but a different article about it the ruling party says that you are local elections and that you live by election should be combined and held together agm. but the main topic of democratic party says the two by elections
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should be combined and held it over. the rival parties have agreed to discuss the matter next week at the special commentary committee to re form politics although both parties say their proposal is the best three d is administrative costs and the petite. i would say their own political interests have certainly been taken into consideration can see the latest. jensen's present in the global market is on the rise the electronics giant has made the top ten list of popular brands in twelve out of fifteen countries according to market researcher you've got the survey which is based on whether respondents have heard anything positive or negative about the company showed that samson was considered the most popular brand in saudi arabia the company takes second place in countries like china and germany. yougov attributed the company's rising global presence to its campaigns last year surrounding the launches of the galaxy as for smartphones
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and the annex and truly camera. in the last of our five part series on korea's industrial competitiveness we dove into the once red hot smartphone market. and although it's been showing signs of slower growth the information technology industry is set to explore new frontiers this year. are you riyadh has more on these up and coming trends. twenty fourteen will be the year when wearable technology takes off. first onto the smart one scene last year the fine tiniest frontline happened really worked with consumers. the company recently rolled out an upgraded galaxy you're smart launch that allows users to control who love me and says bye every moment. and the babble i watched and global class due to hit shelves this year. the state has been set for a few years competition giving consumers the firewood believe this wearable gadgets. we need to build our own software for
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more books will come some more watched on something new and more in the middle class uses his own software. a korean companies are also jumping into another hot battleground this year the so called i knew a team or a kit or intranet thing is that objects to objects. this service for example. press the button on your smartphone in your car engine starts if someone trying to break into your car. an alarm goes off and they are in all your smart of me. by combining the aisle. the technology for servicing company. we created a new service to allows you to monitor your car wherever you want. now there's offend the area in which alex products companies will try to make a comeback and epstein he's ultra high definition tv is to be that old hd tv is off or four times the resolution of regularity ttp east and the technology is expected to be the main driver of tv sales this year especially
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with the upcoming winter like bakes and world cup. nineteen projects by some sun and other korean companies are major contributors to the korean economy in twenty thirteen. i'd seen on x rays on my last year. nearly a third of the country's overall exports. faces new challenges this year with smart phones no longer considered a safe passage out of the class and it will only end players they mean as rivers and sea currents of the industry. he had given us the charles top golfers took center stage of the european tour's second defence of the year. sanjay joins us for the details on that and more from the world of golf in other sports. stephen. hey guys several high profile names packed up their clothes for the hsbc golf
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championship in abu dhabi where two of the biggest phil mickelson and rory mcilroy was grouped with defending champion jamie donaldson. all three while not on top of the leaderboard are projected to make the cut at the end of the second round. the mall from one action of pga tours humana challenge in california has had her read in verse three times the size four six at seven hundred leads all of the south koreans and the ornaments now heading to the australian open the world's number one serena williams has propelled herself into ground floor as well as the history books lazy by her opponents daniela hunt the child but she earned her record sixty first win at the blue courts in melbourne. five time australian open champion is looking to add to her at her first trophy there since twenty ten. now moving on the south korean men's national football team manager home temple is said that all things are possible
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with his team. that was in response to a reporter's question about whether there's a chance super star park ji sung could play in the march friendly vs greece and while he said that he'd meet with top talk about it it's more likely that the former captain will stay on the sidelines. and shifting gears to badminton the south korean duel of your day and you're done some made their way into the quarterfinals at the malaysia open to the beat of us super serious premium events they defeated the indonesian team twenty two to twenty and twenty one to sixteen the fact that they're seeking their first win of twenty fourteen has one report a man since twenty four says in october last year. now it's the kb ltd cba kong will abt sixty three in the first of a doubleheader but let's get to the game of the ninety s skate nights took on the multi speed is in the side of the league's top teams start on fire but
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motivates me to be lead into the hat. sk rallies back and leave it to the fourth quarter but robinson's free throws sends it to be there as kate wants to keep the posts about feeding boldest ninety one two and six. and that does it for me here to sportscenter this has been stated to check back at midnight for the latest in the world of sports. and. in the mm mm. do in it. we got
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off to a smarty start to the day here in seoul but things cleared up by the afternoon just in time for the weekend. that's right for more let's go over breaking ball down at the weather center the gamble of beating guys this morning some parts of polished off by industry these down into six times the normal levels. however the warning was called off at four pm in scala ask for this weekend the weather looks to be perfect for outdoor activities as temperatures will remain in the season on average range with clear skies and snow is forecast for monday which will hopefully take care of the dry conditions. taking the lead at the current conditions the nation is at the end of the high pressure system to find out which is why we're seeing clouds moved in. now although the flying dust had cleared out of all the best southern regions will continue to have high in
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the bus early date tonight show. those of you respiratory problems that must take caution. looking ahead at tomorrow's reading some solace that topped the day at minus five degrees but the high into the wild hunt and was funded by and seven degrees respectively. i got to either be seen dead on effect to decrease while coco and munching that topped out at three and by this five degrees respectively. hope you have a wonderful friday night but i'll see you again after midnight. rock house on this friday nights and nice again so i'm shy when things are watching have great week and will cease. and. i do
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the eye. he has been dating him. in the law. the komodo productivity. the devil to get into a new design. tsk tsk tsk. in may. dvds you
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lulu lulu . the no seating changes for sweeping surveillance president obama is expected to introduce some limits to the infamous intelligence programs but there is little hope of any fundamental reform. syria says it's ready to unite with moderate rebel groups in the fight against hardline radicals. according to the country's foreign minister was in moscow have the peace dogs. scotland's police state. britain's foreign secretary is on a charm offensive to convince undecid


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